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"Ruby is a mini sheepadoodle and she has been such a great addition to our family! Steph was great to work with, quick to respond, honest and very friendly. We still keep in touch as they love to see their puppies enjoying their forever homes!" - Lucas M.

"We picked up our Old English Sheepdog yesterday from Tampa airport and have fallen in love. We have had four Old English Sheepdogs and this one has been the best puppy yet." - Jeff B.

"Archer, our Mini Sheepadoodle from Country Roads, just turned 6 months and weighs in at 21 pounds currently. We loved all the characteristics of this doodle mix. The sweet, gentle heart of the Old English Sheepdog in a smaller package with the smarts from his Poodle heritage. He does not shed which is a huge plus! And, has been in perfect health. Stephanie does a great job working with the pups, and had started potty and crate training before we picked him up. Hope more people can discover this special doodle mix!" - Trista C.

"I picked up my mini goldendoodle in August of 2016. It was easy to put a payment down to reserve my pup and find a time to meet and pick her up. Stephanie is good at getting back to people. I've kept in touch with her since I was first interested in the puppy until now, asking questions and sending updates on how my puppy Luna is doing. Luna is very smart, sweet, and beautiful. I get many questions on what breed she is and where I got her. Her hair is wavy and she sheds very little. Her hair has gotten curlier as she has gotten older. Her mom was a golden retriever and her dad was a 7 pound poodle. Last time she was at the vet she was 25.5 pounds but has gotten a little bigger since then. I'm guessing she's 27 pounds. She's about 9 months old right now. She loves fetch, belly rubs, and car rides. She's was a perfect addition to my family and I couldn't be any happier with her. I just love doodle breeds. I definitely recommend Country Roads Sheepdogs & Doodles." - Grace I.

"We received our boy Arlo (Old English Sheepdog) in August of 2016. Stephanie at Country Road Sheepdogs was amazing to work with. With never having this breed before I had lots of questions, she never hesitated to jump in and help. You feel like a part of the family." - Alison G.

"We picked up our Mini Goldendoodle in August 2016 and he's a bouncy ball of fluff! Loved him so much we also added a standard chocolate Labradoodle just 2 weeks ago. Can't just have one doodle ;) I have always gotten answers to my millions of questions before and after meeting and picking up our pups. Highly recommend Country Roads Sheepdogs & Doodles!" - Jessy K.

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