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Our Parents

Sex: Female
Breed: F1 Mini Sheepadoodle

Weight: 35lbs
Additional Info: Gypsy is the daughter of our Halo.  Blue is very good with kids and prefers to sit on people's feet to make sure she gets some good pets in. She's a very good mother and is incredibly confident and well-mannered.

Sex: Female
Breed: AKC Old English Sheepdog

Weight: 75lbs
OFA: Hips - Good
         Elbows - Normal
Additional Info: Tally joined our program in July 2023. She will have her first litter with us this spring and we know she will be an excellent mother. She enjoys time outside and as many belly rubs as anyone is willing to give.

Sex: Female
Breed: AKC Old English Sheepdog

Weight: 50lbs
OFA: Basic Cardiac - Normal/Clear
        Hips - Excellent                                  Elbows - Normal
        Thyroid - Normal
Additional Info: Orkney joined our program in December 2021. She joined our program from a breeder who was downsizing their program. She is a very gentle soul and great mother.

Sex: Female
Breed: F1 Sheepadoodle

Weight: 65lbs
OFA: Basic Cardiac - coming soon
        Hips - coming soon
        Elbows - coming soon
        Thyroid - coming soon
Additional Info: Bella was born and raised in the Country Roads Sheepdogs & Doodles program. She is the daughter of Blue and Leo. She loves watching squirrels, going on walks, playing with kids, and getting attention from anyone who can give some good ear rubs.

Sex: Female
Breed: F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Weight: 17lbs
Additional Info: Andi is the Queen around here! She is mighty albeit small but will do most anything for a treat. She enjoys cuddling up on the couch or in front of the fireplace. 

Sex: Female
Breed: F1 Standard Goldendoodle

Weight: 65lbs
Additional Info: Raya is a beautiful Red and white abstract goldendoodle. She came to us in July 2021 from a breeder who was downsizing their program. She loves to be around kids especially when they're playing outside. She has extremely strong maternal instincts with every puppy she is around, not just her own. She will sit and let anyone pet her for hours on end. 

Sex: Female
Breed: F1 Mini Sheepadoodle

Weight: 24lbs
Additional Info: Ciri is the granddaughter of our first ever breeding pair of Old English Sheepdogs. She has beautiful partially Blue eyes, has a blue merle parti coat, and is a bundle of love. She's the alpha in our group, the same as her mom, Blue, was. Ciri will have her first litter wtih us this spring.

Sex: Male
Breed: AKC MiniPoodle
Weight: 20lbs
Additional Info: Crowley joined our program in February 2022. He is 20lbs of loveable energy and really enjoys being outside! He's a very athletic dog and will never pass up a good grooming session. He craves attention and loves a good scratch behind the ears. 

Sex: Male
Breed: AKC Standard Poodle
Weight: 65lbs
Additional Info: Seamus joined our program in March of 2020. He is 65lbs of love and has NO concept of personal space! He's very much so a people-oriented dog. He wants to be by humans as much as possible. he's very loyal and super friendly to everyone he meets

Sex: Male
Breed: AKC Mini Poodle
Weight: 16lbs
Additional Info: Mick is a male we only use as a stud. He is part of another breeder's program in South Dakota. He has a wonderful structure, great temperament, and has given us some beautiful puppies.

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